Projects List

Projects currently in the works are listed below with short descriptions. Note that all models must be age 18 or older.

Project NameDescription
Beneath the surfaceModels to convey the concept of something deeper than is visible.
Jump!Athletic models who can jump, whether with grace or exaggerated awkwardness.
BalanceModels to depict balance. The balance can be through athletic skills, yoga, dance, or other interpretation.
How did you find me?Models to convey mystery, secretiveness, or enigmatic behavior.
StrongModels to convey personal and/or physical strength.
MergeCouples to depict two people being as one. Erotic and non-erotic interpretations are possible.
Fine MessModels to convey the expression "hot mess" or "what a fine mess" or "I'm a mess". Characters who are normally organized and in control, but have found themselves in a messed-up situation. Disheveled hair and dress clothes, stepped in something, wet, makeup run, flat tire, mud, spills, etc.